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    Measuring for a window net is not as difficult as one may think. The new Stroud Safety Instructional Video “How to Measure for Window Nets, Wheelie Bar and Door Nets” features easy-to-follow follow instructions and suggestions for getting it right the first time. The video also includes helpful advice and procedures to fit your vehicle with wheelie bar and door nets as well. Check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFMDrn6uUg0 Continue reading  Post ID 516

    The Stroud Safety YouTube channel also features instructional videos on: How to Pack a Drag Chute, Remove and Install a Drag Chute Launcher Bag, Remove and Install a Pilot Chute and Deployment Bag, and How to Replace a Release Loop Kit. Stroud will soon be releasing a video on how to measure for Standard and Custom fit fire suits.


    Stroud Safety has been supplying competitive drivers with Drag Chutes and Launchers, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Diapers, Fire Suits, Safety Apparel, Fire Suppression Kits, and more for over 26 years! Stroud re-certifies all their SFI rated products and specializes in custom design applications for many of their products.

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  • Pacific Raceways Takes Team Title, Four Headed to NHRA Summit National Championship

    div6logoPacific Raceways captured the team championship while Sean Shaffer, John Leage,Mark Owens and Kevin Bromley took home the individual honors at this weekend’s NHRA Northwest Division Summit Racing Series Finals at Mission Raceway Park.

    Shaffer worked his way through the field in Super Pro and ran 7.283 seconds at 183.11 mph in his final round victory over Emily Lewis who clocked in at 8.473 seconds, 154.95 mph.

    In Pro, it was Leage who outlasted the competition knocking out Rob Lindley in the final with a pass of 10.532 seconds, 125.48 mph while Owens defeated Martin Dykstra with a time of 13.181 at 101.53 mph for the Sportsman title. Continue reading  Post ID 520

    Bromley rounded out the event winners with a lap of 9.836 seconds, 131.92 mph to take down Chad Hofert.

    In the Summit Race of Champions competition it was Dave Burden taking the win in Super Pro over MHDRA Dragstrip teammate Mark Simmons. Burden’s ’64 Chevelle went 6.146 seconds at 112.95 mph over to the quicker Simmons’ at 4.736, 145.60 in his ’07 dragster.

    Chris Stone, Mission, B.C., defeated another MHDRA racer Jason Hughes in Pro while Gary Howe Jr. took the Sportsman ROC trophy against Troy McDonald and the Bike/Sled title went to Bob Henrie who outran Zach Toth. Stone was out first and went 6.424 seconds to hold off Hughes’ 6.004. Howe left a tick quicker than McDonald and drove his ’71 Skylark to the win, and Henrie’s ’09 Polaris sled outran Toth’s ’87 Kawasaki.

    The four Race of Champion winners will advance to the NHRA Summit National Championship in November at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona to face off with the winner’s from the other six NHRA divisions for a winner take all national championship with over $100,000 up for grabs.

    In the High School Race of Champions it was Ashley Thompson, Camas, Wash., winning over Jordin Howell, Port Orchard, Wash., running 12.520, 105.60.

    The Summit Jr. Drag Racing League was also in action with Josh Schmanke, Beau Dickie and Kelsey Lefebvre taking wins in the Race of Champions competition while Hunter Jackson, Tanner Gaetz and Tyler Dobson won in the Jr. Dragster classes for the overall event.

    The following are the final results from the NHRA Northwest Division Summit Racing Series event at Mission Raceway:

    Pacific Raceways 68
    Woodburn Dragstrip 62
    Bremerton Raceway 56
    Portland Int’l Raceway 49
    Mission Raceway 46
    Firebird Raceway 38
    MHDRA Dragstrip 28
    Nl’Akapxm Eagle Motorplex 17
    Renegade Raceway 16
    Walla Walla Drag Strip 15
    Madras Dragstrip 9
    Spokane County Raceway 7
    Lewistown Raceway 2



    Sean Shaffer, Boise, Idaho, ’02 dragster, 7.283, 183.11 def. Emily Lewis, Maple Valley, Wash., ’12 dragster, 8.473, 154.

    John Leage, Poulsbo, Wash., ’69 Camaro, 10.532, 125.48 def. Rob Lindley, Spanaway, Wash., ’63 Nova, 9.121, 146.67

    Mark Owens, Walla Walla, Wash., ’79 Chevy Luv, 13.181, 101.53 def. Martin Dykstra, Chilliwack, B.C., ’69 Dart, 12.584, 105.63

    Kevin Bromley, Yacolt, Wash., ’06 Honda, 9.836, 131.92 def. Chad Hofert, Meridian, Idaho, ‘12 Kawasaki, 9.050,151.71

    The following are the final results from the NHRA Northwest Division Race of Champions:

    Dave Burden, Medicine Hat, A.B.,

    Chris Stone, Mission, B.C., ’68 Dart, 6.424, 100.15, def. Jason Hughes, Lagdon, A.B., ’32 roadster, 6.004, 113.36

    Gary Howe Jr, Gig Harbor, Wash., ’71 Skylark, 7.633, 87.25 def. Troy McDonald, Nampa, Idaho, ’15 Mustang, 7.856, 88.15

    Bob Henrie, Conconully, Wash., ’09 Polaris, 5.841, 116.85 def. Zach Toth, Medicine Hat, A.B., ’87 Kawasaki, 6.803, 93.44

    Ashley Thompson, Camas, Wash., ’79 Malibu, 12.520, 105.60 def. Jordin Howell, Port Orchard, Wash., ’12 Fusion, 16.794, 78.76

  • NHRA Chief Starter Mark Lyle passes

    nhra1 With great sadness, NHRA reported today that Mark Lyle, NHRA’s Chief Starter, passed away unexpectedly Sunday, March 27. On behalf of NHRA and the entire drag racing community, we offer our condolences to all of Lyle’s family and friends.

    Lyle had been Chief Starter for the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series since 2012. He was only the third Chief Starter in NHRA history, along with the late Buster Couch (1955-1996) and Rick Stewart (1996-2011). Continue reading  Post ID 503

    Before becoming the pro series Chief Starter, Lyle was the official starter at Pacific Raceways in NHRA’s Northwest Division since 2000. He was named the official starter of the Northwest Division in 2005.

    Division 6 starter Mike Gittings has been named the interim NHRA Chief Starter for this weekend’s DENSO Spark Plugs NHRA Nationals at Las Vegas.



    Logo-StroudSafety               Stroud Safety is now supplying Track Safety Packages to drag racing facilities around the globe. Each package is customized to the unique demands and requirements of every track. Depending on the needs of each facility, Stroud has delivered barrier and catch nets, safety crew SFI certified fire suits and related apparel, custom tow straps, and much more.

    The new Stroud, 25 square foot Fire Blanket is a popular item for tracks and teams. This heavyweight Nomex® blanket is perfect in an emergency to quickly help smother a fire on an individual or equipment and comes complete with storage bag. Continue reading  Post ID 505

    According to Darren at Santa Pod Raceway in England, “We are very pleased with Stroud Safety as the supplier of protective clothing for our safety team. It is important to us that the team has the best protection available…”

    For all you competitors out there, if your favorite track could use some help in the safety department, let them know about Stroud Track Safety Packages. The safety of the participants, spectators, and track personnel could depend on it.

    Give Stroud a call to see what products can be provided to enhance your track safety effectiveness and professionalism.

    Stroud Safety has been supplying competitive drivers with Drag Chutes and Launchers, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Diapers, Fire Suits, Fire Suppression Kits, and more for over 26 years! Stroud re-certifies all their SFI rated products and specializes in custom design applications for many of their products.

    Call 800-554-4648 for more information and free catalog, visit the website at www.stroudsafety.com and follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stroudsafety .







    bg-bucket-vegas-xsml1  Las Vegas, NV- It’s a controversy that has been brewing for a number of years. Now K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima co-promoters Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel are going to fix it once and for all.

    “Kyle and I always ask ourselves ‘how can we bring more fairness to our Spring Fling events?’,” Biondo says. “We strive to maintain a level playing field for all of our
    competitors who are in fact our customers. So last year, Kyle and I started talking with
    Bob Brockmeyer from Compulink and that’s when TruSTART was born.” Continue reading  Post ID 491

    Biondo and Seipel were passionate about the concept while Brockmeyer of Compulink,
    the most widely used timing system in the world, quickly agreed and started working
    hard into turning the idea into a reality. Simply put; in a handicapped race where both
    drivers go red, TruSTART will change the game by giving the win to the racer who red
    lights by the lesser amount. The worst red-light loses, period, regardless of if a driver
    leaves first or last.

    Quick example: The slower car is dialed a 10.00 and the faster car dials an 8.00. The
    10.00 car leaves first but with a red light of -.005 while the 8.00 (faster) car also redlights
    but with a worst red of -.015. The 10.00 car loses because he was the first to redlight.
    The -.005 red driver loses to the -.015 red driver even though the -.005 red driver
    was closer to the target reaction time. Has always been that way… until now.

    “The Compulink name speaks for itself and we can’t thank Brockmeyer enough,” adds
    Seipel, “The way TruSTART will function will be exactly how we imagined it thanks to all
    of Bob’s hard work. To keep things fair within TruSTART, the slower car lane will always
    show a green light until the faster driver launches. At that point Compulink will ‘show’
    the worst red where applicable.”

    “We actually tried this back in 1986,” says Brockmeyer, “but for whatever reason it didn’t
    take off. When Peter and Kyle talked to me about it last year, it just made sense now.
    Prior to TruSTART, the advantage in the red-light department went to the faster car.
    This helps to make it just that much fairer. Just like whoever breaks-out the most loses,
    so be it when it comes to a red-light.”

    TruSTART, a product of Compulink and the Spring Fling, will be introduced to the
    bracket racing world at the K&N Spring Fling Million in Las Vegas this year.
    Undoubtedly, it’s the truest way to determine a winner in a double red-light race, and the
    fairest as well.

    Here is the video explaining TruStart.