2018 Spring Fling Million Coming Soon

The 2018 Spring Fling Million is right around the corner. There is a great list of racers all ready entered. I would like to thank Peter and Kyle for the great things that they do for the bracket racers across the country. Click the link below for a list of who is entered.

In 2010, established NHRA and bracket racers Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel held the inaugural Spring Fling 20’s in Bristol. By combining their many years of knowledge and experience, Peter and Kyle promised to make the event the ultimate experience. Their vision was to put bracket racers on the big stage at a premier facility, great prize money and prizes, and a fun and fair environment for everyone.

In 2018 the duo will host three events. The Spring Fling Million in Vegas, The Spring Fling at GALOT Motorsports Park located in North Carolina and the Fall Fling at Bristol Dragway.

Thanks for all the racers and manufactures supporting Peter and Kyle from the inception.


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